Top Ten Things Overheard at a Furry Convention

10. “Well I am just yiffed out.”

9. “What a coincidence, I have a DeviantArt account too!”

8. “Did everyone dress up as a Sonic character?”

7. No, no, my fursona just LOOKS like a guy in a bathrobe.”

6. “Is- is that a giant, anatomically correct bunny slipper with six legs?”

5. “Why no love for the baboon?”

4. “I keep telling you, I don’t want your first prize! I’m just hairy!”

3. “Word on the street is the AKC is going to raid us because we bought all the collars in town.”

2. “I would never have guessed that Conan the Barbarian would work as a chipmunk.”

1. “Next year I am building some fans into this blasted suit.”


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