Top Ten Worst Pickup Lines That Have a Statistical Chance of Working

10. “Hey baby, are you a nurse? Because I have some inflammation in my pants.”

9. “I am a sensitive, emotional dude who wants to write poems about your hooters.”

8. “Hey, is your friend seeing anybody?”

7. “It’s too bad we’re not the same gender because I’m totally gay for you.”

6. “Are you drunk enough yet for me to have a shot with you?”

5. “So I know you hired me to tie balloon animals at your son’s birthday party, but I get off in twenty minutes.”

4. Write your phone number on the back of the “$5 pizza” sign you’re holding by side of road

3. “I deduce from your nose that you’re an ‘ALF’ fan.”

2. “LORDEE BISCUITS you are the finest little filly this side of the barnyard!”